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2009-11-21 22:44:04 by LIVE-SWIF-BosnianBoi

I'm back at newgrounds. I left for some reason and never came back. I don't even know why.

I sorta back into flash making and I might finish up a few projects i started a while back.

Coming soon:
TheRandomButtonGame [Remake]
More to come...

In other news; My older projects (Music video and Shot Crazy) are now canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience.


:P :P :P :P :P

2008-09-25 14:15:00 by LIVE-SWIF-BosnianBoi

Welcome to my profile. (:

Few things about me:
I love to use photoshop
Animating and flash games are fun to make, but i don't make them very often
I use liveswif 2.2
I love to play soccer
I read Naruto Manga(Big fan)
I use to play runescape(still log but rarely)